Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why Do You Fret

The WHO tells us we are almost to a full blown pandemic, our government tells us to not travel, people are wearing masks, schools close, the virus jumps to another country. People begin to panic and worry.

Sickness and death are a part of the curse. Sickness points to our need for a Savior.

What are we to do as Christians??

Luther ministered in a time of plague and epidemic and was a model pastor to his people. He cared for the sick and dying during the Bubonic plague in 1527. John Calvin taught his pastors to visit the sick as a primary duty of "a true and faithful minister.

There will come a time, as it did for Martin Luther, that we as believers will be called on to minister to the sick and dying. It will be an opportunity to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of our neighbors. It will be a test for every Christian to apply the gospel in a very real way.

And in the mean time, how we behave and what we speak will be judged by unbelievers. Do we speak life or do we speak death?

"Rather you should go on in simple faith, and when you are in danger and trouble, you should use whatever means you can, lest you tempt God. But if you find that these means, which God has created to dispel danger or sickness, supply neither the desired help or the remedy, then cast your care and your life on God and commit yourself to the direction of His wisdom and goodness." Martin Luther

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Dana said...

What an inspiring reminder of our call to live by FAITH. Thanks.