Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Look What We Saw Today

This was not at a zoo. This was not far from our house. We were driving down the road and he came walking out. Hannah jumped out and chased him down. Then jumped back in the car so we could round the corner and catch up with him again. She finally got several good pictures.

He belongs to an old lady that lives in a little house.

Oh and this picture was taken with her new camera that came today! She is over the moon.


Anonymous said...

Our neighbor had a couple of those when I was growing up. They make the most awful racket in the mornings!

Linda said...

Gorgeous! I grew up on 10 acres of fruit trees in the country. My mom wanted to put peacocks on the farm soooo bad. My dad refused ... we had too many "pets" already. Some day, when we get out of town and back to some land, I'm going have a few peacocks, just to honor my mom. They really are gorgeous creatures.

De Gina said...

We had peacocks at my Mama's country beauty shop that was annexed to a country store. I used to collect the feathers.

Sally said...

beautiful picture