Friday, April 17, 2009

A Girl and Her Flower

a girl and her flower.

Sarah fell in love with Poppy's this year and had to have a couple. She and Hannah went this evening to get a few and a new pot. I guess the girl has got to have some flowers in the mist of chicken poo and manure!!!

This evening Sarah and Hannah were digging up a bed to put in some flower seeds and they need some manure. Hayden brought some to them and proceed to half-heartedly work it in and be the 'garden clown'. Sarah said something about him being useless (just joking) and he acted like he was going to walk off.

She straightened up and said "I didn't say you could leave, I SAID YOU WERE USELESS!!!! I about fell out of my chair. The girl has got attitude!

The manure got mix in and the flower seeds planted.

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