Monday, April 27, 2009

Absolutely Crazy!

I think my family is trying to kill me!!!! I finally get to sleep last night and I feel something come across my head. Not being awake, I jump and yell. My dear hubby stirs and says, 'oh, sorry'. Who doesn't have control of their arms when they roll over??! Answer me that!

So, I finally get back to sleep. It is cool and I am comfortable. All of the sudden I feel something on my leg; moving up my leg actually. Oh my word!! I'm thinking some woodland creature has gotten in the house. Again, I jump and yell. It is Sarah, who can't sleep. I holler, "good grief, are ya'll trying to kill me??? She jumps. (we some jumping bunch) Then apologizes for scaring me.

I get up to go to the bathroom; it's a wonder I need to!! hehe She follows me, apologizing profusely. I wasn't mad though, it was just funny. She couldn't sleep because she was thinking about the sermon from that morning. She enjoyed it and learned alot, so she was digesting all of stuff. Because of a question from a young man, our pastor explained at some length about Calvinism and the many scriptures that talk about election, etc.

Great, but did she have to scare me half to death!

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