Monday, February 9, 2009

We realized that the weather was going to be good this week, so we began making plans to clean some outdoors and get things ready for the garden. William also needed to re-screen the girls downstairs porch area. They love sitting out there when the weather is warm.

Sarah decided to move some rocks and make a path to the front flower bed. They were going to be moved for vegetable gardens anyway. She moved about 20 or so rocks to start the path. Needless to say the girl was tired when she finished, but she is tough.


Hayden helped William re-screen the downstairs porch. Here he is with a hammer probably considering taking out one of his sisters!! Just kidding; he has never thought of doing that.


This next picture was set up by Hannah. Remember, William was working on the screening (not an exceptionally dirty job), but she didn't like his 'clean' hands. So William leaned down and picked up dirt to rub on his hands. What a sick household!


Scout loved being outside with us and Piper, the mini dachshund! And she loves to dig... in my flower bed. Keeping her out of the vegetable gardens ought to prove interesting. Oh, and it doesn't matter if she has a chew and Piper has a chew; Scout wants the chew Piper has!! So, she barks...loud...alot. Lovely.


We ended the day with cleaning off some of the porches of 'fall debris' and loading William's truck with stuff for the dump.

Dinner tonight. Meatloaf, homemade mashed potatoes, greenbeans and yeast rolls.

Hannah peeled all the potatoes for me-- sweet girl!


After dinner, I managed to sweep and mop the floors on the main level, do the dishes and take a wonderful shower!!!

Tomorrow, we start again.

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