Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ain't Feeling It


I just haven't felt like blogging this week. I am tired of the cold weather, (yes, I am going to whine) we all have been sick with some awful virus, our puppy bites everyone and everything and we need cash flow. There.

In my attempts to be frugal I have been making soups, cutting meat so that it goes farther, and as we always do, cut off lights in rooms not in use. None of these things are difficult or cause any of us any distress. We don't go like we use to, we don't eat out like we use to and wardrobes are not updated in a timely fashion. And I am sure there are more things we can do.

I have no room to complain and I realize that. Sometimes I just struggle in the flesh with what I see instead of relying on that I cannot see... God at work. I know each trial and struggle is for my good and not intended to harm me. Each difficult situation provides me with more wisdom and understanding.

In looking back I think my biggest struggle comes from my parents never denying me anything. (ok, I didn't get the pony, but we did go look at one) If I cannot do that for my children I feel like I have failed them. I realize that is flawed thinking. They don't get everything and they are still happy. They understand money so much better than I did. I wasn't taught ANYTHING.

So, I will fight this battle once again and remind myself that God is in control. And that I have a devoted husband, healthy children, a mortgage free home and a puppy that bites EVERYTHING!!

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