Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hayden started getting sick day before yesterday and by last night I was feeling bad. Well, today, I feel TERRIBLE. Hannah hasn't been feeling the greatest either. William and Sarah are the only well ones around here.

Today was TERRIBLE along with me feeling terrible. Hayden still didn't feel great, Scout, the puppy, decided to act like the toddler she is and Piper, the mini doxie, decided she had had enough of the puppy which meant she barked and growled at her ALOT. Fabulous. Great. Wonderful. I truly have gone back and forth of who to put out on the porch. Especially after I hear, "ewwww, I stepped in dog feces". (yes, Hannah said 'feces') Oh yes, with everything crazy around here and Wm. on a job (thank you Lord), the puppy wasn't getting taken out reguarly.

Hannah and Sarah got in the kitchen and cooked for us. Hannah made incredible Potato Soup and Sarah made bread. Thank you girls!! You kept us from starving, well, except for Hayden who thinks anything new OR has onion in it is questionable.

Tomorrow must be better, or I am putting myself on the porch whatever the weather!!

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