Monday, February 23, 2009


My FIL is in Atlanta, but we still do not have a clear picture of what is going on. William called once he was down there and said that his dads kidney's were not functioning and the doctors think he may have had a stroke. This afternoon he is undergoing dialysis while they try to find out why his kidneys have been effected.

There are many challenges attached to this situation. My FIL is a very uneducated man which causes him to be suspicious of everything and misunderstand much of what he is told. He will have to have someone with him at all times. Also, Williams sisters are uneducated and can not interpret what the doctors tell them. If he has to remain in Atlanta for any amount of time it will require us to travel back and forth frequently. Williams dad does not understand the necessity to comply with the doctors order either; which makes us all crazy.

We will take one day at a time!

On a lighter note, I took the kids to a store in town that sells old fashion candy, drinks, etc. Hayden got him some facial hair!!!


Sarah said "4 bucks is a small price to pay for facial hair!" We concur.

photo courtesy of Hannah Queen

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