Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Sewing Project, Etc.

cup sleeve
The girls and I are working on a new sewing project. Eco-Coffee sleeves for disposable coffee cups. Hannah did the stitching and Sarah did the sewing of the sleeve. We are hoping some local stores will carry them.

We are still working on bread making, but the lady we were selling to just can't buy enough to make the trip worth our time. We hope to take samples to a local coffee shop soon. This would be much closer for us and they can probably purchase in larger volume.

William's business will be shut down now until end of February so we would like to find some sources of income. He usually does not work from November or December until end of February. It is something we are accustom to, but it is more difficult financially since the economy has taken a dive. The joke is we no longer have a 401k, we have a .001!!! Unfortunately, it isn't a joke. :(

But, God is still God and it will be all right.

Here is the Christmas card wreath we made from old cards. It took some time, but it was cheap and cute! We are all about cheap and cute.

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