Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We had friends over for dinner last night and afterwards I was tired and facing a mound of dishes. Dishes in the sink, on the counters, EVERYWHERE! Bowls to wash, pans to clean, ugh.

I went to the bedroom. came back and Hannah was cleaning the kitchen. EVERYTHING. She cleaned the bowls, pans, counters, etc. What a Blessing!! I didn't have to clean anything. Did I mention that my kids are a blessing?

Sarah spent the afternoon sewing a rag lap quilt for an acquaintance that will be celebrating Christmas on Friday with us and the Scoggins. Hannah picked out an antique cup and saucer and is dipping chocolate spoons to give her. The lady is going to be by herself on Christmas and we all want to make her feel special.

Hayden took time yesterday to bury a bird that our cat brought IN the house. It was still alive, but we couldn't save it. He was so sad that it died, and of course insisted that it have a proper burial. He buried it next to bunny, which is another story for another time.

Merry Christmas!!!

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