Sunday, December 21, 2008

In A Pickle

NO, I am not in a pickle, silly pickle. It is our new favorite game!! December 08 017The girls found it last week at the Big Box store I hate and had to have it. We LOVE games. I didn't think much of it until we got it out to play. It is loads of fun and moves fast so even kids with short attention spans can enjoy it.

You start with 5 cards each and put 4 in a square in the middle.December 08 019 You try to place on of your cards on top of the existing card by saying " so and so will fit in so and so". ie "ice will fit in a refrigerator", then " refrigerator will fit in a basement" and so on. It has to be logical and/or smaller than the previous card.

Once there are 4 cards in a line you are 'in a pickle' and must play that line of cards only. This can go on a bit depending on each players cards. The game goes on until one player has 3 stacks of cards from the center.

December 08 020 If you can't play a card, then you are out.

If you have a attention grabbing cat, then this happens and you have to start over! Darn cat is going to be in a pickle! Sammmmmmyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 08 021

Tell me what some of your favorite family games are!!!


Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

that sounds so fun...I haven't heard of this one yet. We love games, but haven't played any for a long time. Planning on it for New Years Eve! :)

Dana - Full of Answered Prayers said...

This sounds really fun! And it also reminds me that I wanted to pull out our one game (Chutes and Ladders) over the holidays and buy a couple more so we could start building some board games into our family time. I have such fond memories of playing board games with the whole family, growing up. Thanks for sharing; I think I'll add this one to my list.

Anonymous said...

APPLES TO APPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

love ur 3rd daughter

Anonymous said...


Love ur 3rd daughter