Sunday, December 14, 2008

Caroline and Her Faces


This is my favorite 4 yr old. She and her mom went shopping with us Friday which means a fun day!! She is a character! Everything is interesting to her and she moves like a cartoon character which leaves us in stitches.


When we checked out she asked for a Push Pop, which of course I said Yes to. Her mom wasn't finished shopping so we went to the car to hang out and let Caroline eat her Push Pop.


She thought blue teeth were too funny.


And the blue tongue.


Hannah told her to make a 'mean' face. We had to laugh, which cracks her up. We played 'I Spy' between making faces. 'I Spy' with a 4 yr. old is interesting...

It was a fun day of girl shopping and laughing and eating and book storing! Caroline enjoyed my girls and they enjoyed her. What sweetness!

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Jennifer P. said...

that age is just THE BEST! Love 3-5 year olds!

And you are doing some awesome work with that new camera of yours!