Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nutella Crash

Hannah bought some Nutella yesterday; a treat we do not buy often I assure you. If you have never experienced Nutella, I do not know what to tell you, except go quickly to your nearest grocery store and purchase some NOW! It is chocolately, hazelnutty goodness in a jar.

Yesterday Hayden discovered that he really likes Nutella. Following you will see pictures of a Nutella crash. It happens when you taste Nutella for the first time, eat several spoon fulls, desire more; but there is no more to be had. The realization hits you that this heavenly stuff has changed your life, that there is no taste like it, but alas, there is NO more Nutella in the house.

Those with weak stomachs may want to look away now.

hayden 003

hayden 002

hayden 001



JourneytoFamily said...

(Visiting from Darcy's GD) Congrats on the blog makeover! Looks fantastic!

I've never tried Nutella. Hmmm.... maybe I should pick some up next time I'm at the store.

Sharon (sk) said...

Hi there from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi! I LOVE Nutella!! Good stuff! It is really, really good on toast. YUMMMMM!!!

I am a homeschooler too! Love your blog! :)

Emily said...

I sure love Nutella too. It is dangerous!