Friday, October 31, 2008

Christmas Garland

We are ready for Christmas so we are making Christmas Garland to go up around the house. And we are using a new sewing machine; not sure if we like it yet though; had a few problems. Operators or machine??

Christmas Ornaments 002

But, alas, we are continuing forward! By Christmas our little cabin should be full of garland and cheer. Or at least garland; the dang cheer may go out the window before we finish.

Christmas Ornaments 005

Christmas Ornaments 007

Christmas Ornaments 008

We will post pictures of the finished product, along with any bloodshed that may occur in the process.

Here are my favorite girls!! Cute aren't they??!

The Girls


Anonymous said...

You still got the girls in a sewing mood? I thought Sarah might have given up by now. She must have your stubborn streak. Jan ;-)

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Oh my, Lisa - that is SO impressive that you are getting a huge jump on things. Won't that make Dec. so much more enjoyable. I want so much to sew. Even bought the machine for my "daughter" to learn 2 Christmases and it's still in the box...ugh!