Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ladies Retreat and tomorrow I am preparing for our Ladies Fall Retreat to the Smoky Mtns; we leave Friday. We rent a cabin and have Bible studies, games and food!!! It is always a great time away and God always blesses us tremendously.

I work up some 'get to know you' games since we always have one or two that haven't been before. DeGina is doing the Bible study this time as I did the Spring one. We have a gift for each lady that goes at her place setting Friday night.

There is time for personal reflection and walks. After dinner and Bible study we have game time which is always a HOOT!! We play "Catch Phrase" which never fails to lay some of us in the floor. My favorite, "Rummykube"! Last year we played "Name that Tune"!

Let me go back to "Catch Phrase" for a moment. One year we were playing and the hint was 'something black and white and stinky'. Doreen, who is so hilarious but doesn't mean to be, said, "a Zebra"! Well, that set everyone off; we rolled! See she spent time living in overseas, so to her it wasn't a far reach. For those of us born and raised in the South, well we thought she had lost her mind. We still haven't let her forget that one!

Anyway, it is alot of work before hand; schedules, grocery lists, games, gifts, etc.; but is always, always a HUGE blessing. A will post pictures next week!!

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