Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ladies Retreat or Bible Studies and State Troopers

Where do I even begin?! We had a wonderful, crazy weekend with 14 christian ladies ranging in age from 18 yrs to 75+ yrs. The weather was beautiful, the Bible studies inspirational, the fellowship was wonderful and the games were hilarious.

Ladies Retreat 004

Ladies Retreat 003

Our Bible studies were on peace and DeGina had some interesting things to share. We have been doing the Fruit of the Spirit; we did love and joy already. We had three sessions all together. DeGina used a wonderful example by handing several of us a piece of fruit and named each one a fruit of the spirit. Then she brought out a bowl of fruit salad. She told us that we couldn't just have one fruit of the spirit, but needed all of them together to be effective. It was a great visual.

We cooked lasagna Friday night, breakfast casserole for breakfast, lunch Sat. was make your own sandwich and Saturday night we had Taco Soup which was fabulous. Sunday morning we did bagels, fruits and cereal. Then after shopping we took the ladies to the Applewood Farmhouse for lunch. It is wonderful. They bring you apple juleps and apple fritters with apple butter. YUMMY!!!

It is such a blessing being with these women. Each brings something different to our retreats. We have a precious older woman that loves to clean up after us; she is such a blessing to us. We would be in a mess without her. Others tell wonderful stories and others love to play games. Each of these women enrich my life so much. Hannah, my oldest that goes, enjoys the wisdom of these sweet ladies and loves playing games with them.

Now for the reason for my interesting title. On the way home DeGina was driving my car because my shoulder has been bothering me. Since we never have a dull moment...

She gets pulled over by the NC state patrol!!

Ladies Retreat 006

Ladies Retreat 009

Of course, the two vehicles following us have to pull over; one of them being our CHURCH VAN! The state trooper told us that they were laughing at us. She didn't have on her seat belt. $100.00 fine later, we are off again singing all the songs we could think of about police and the law. Think: " I fought the law and the law won", "I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy", "That's the night that the lights went out in Georgia". Oh my, it was bad.

Oh, here is the criminal!! SAD! (her husband got a speeding ticket last week in NC)

Ladies Retreat 008

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Jennifer P. said...

What a perfectly wonderful time...with a perfectly hilarious ending! I love the look on your friend's face :)!