Monday, October 18, 2010

What Happened??

Three weeks ago I went to the doctor after feeling short of breathe for several days. I had tried to carry on normal activity, but it wasn't possible. I was told I had pneumonia and given an antibiotic. There seemed to be some improvement, then a decline, so I returned and was given a stronger antibiotic.

Again, I improved, only to feel poorly again. By the third visit, last Thursday, I was having more difficulty breathing. and My PA ordered a chest x-ray before seeing me. She said it showed something, but they weren't sure what, so she wanted me to have a CT the following Monday. I fell apart in the office, I was so tired after almost 3 weeks of this. (at this point I am not driving at all and walking thirty feet requires me to stop and catch my breath)

In the mean time she threw everything at me to cover something respiratory. Nebulizer, inhaler, singulair, steroids, and oxygen. I went home with the orders to do nothing.

Friday began with the clarity that nothing was helping and I was getting worse. I couldn't walk five feet without loosing my breath. I didn't want to go into the weekend without talking to my PA to make sure she understood the difficulty I was having.

After the phone call and instructions to go to the ER, things began to move a bad direction.

William was not home, so Hannah called him and told him that she was taking me to the ER and to meet us there. It took forever for me to get dressed because I would loose my breathe. Then I had trouble holding it together in the car because I was beginning to get concerned. Lord, I was a mess, sitting there crying, holding on to an oxygen tank w/ a tube up my nose.

My PA had called ahead and they were ready for us at the ER. I was immediately taken back and tests were started. A little later we were able to see how God orchestrated every step from the time we stepped into our ER.

Next: what the test revealed and a fast ride to Chattanooga

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