Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Room With a View and Other Stuff

What a blessing to have a room with big windows! The natural light was amazing as was the view. From my bed I could see the Tennessee River and the mountains surrounding Chattanooga.

It was nice to get settled in a regular room where the family could come and visit without major restrictions. Hannah finally had a couch to sleep on, though it didn't look very comfortable.

Side note: Prior to this she had to find whatever was available in one of the ICU waiting rooms. One night a gentleman told her that he was going to find her a reclining chair as he had seen that she was by herself and had not been able to find a good place to sleep. She said that there were many people that were so nice to her over the week. A volunteer in the Ronald McDonald house sat and talked with her one evening. In the restroom a lady asked her if she was alright. My doctor would check on her and ask about her.

The nurses were in and out frequently to draw blood (should have counted how many times), to take vitals, to check IV bags, etc. We talked and joked with them. When one walked in the room, I went ahead and held my arm out!

I told one nurse that I was going to pull my heart leads off to just give them some excitement at the desk. I did get my IV tube kinked a couple of times and the alarms went off. (that was unintentional, I promise)

Hannah and I made sure to thank them for every thing they did. There were several very difficult patients on the floor and we felt bad for them. Every nurse and tech was so friendly and that made the stay so much more pleasant.

As each day passed we could relax a little more, knowing that the my chance of survival was now outweighing my chance of not surviving. Hannah and I did hit a wall on Wednesday; we were tired and just mentally worn out. Once over that hump, we lightened up and settled in for remainder of time, whatever that may be.

During the week I had several tests and blood work done. I didn't fit the age or circumstances to have a blood clot, so the doctors wanted to try to find out why. Right now, we are still not sure. ( I did nap well on the gurney while waiting for the tests, can't figure out why)

My Cumodin levels were rising slowly and they had to be therapeutic for me to leave since the clot had been so severe. I would have to remain on the Heparin drip until then. My doctor, the one we met in the ER, was so careful with my care and patient to answer any questions we had.

The week was long as Hannah and I watched TV and found the silliest things hilarious. Sorry, some things are just too personal to share! Just glad we didn't get kicked out!! Ok, one hint: just because it says you can clean with it, doesn't mean you should!

Next: Discharged with hugs!

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