Thursday, January 14, 2010

Moving Forward Musically

Hayden and Sarah were asked by their music teacher to join a praise band he is starting. It will be good experience for them and playing with others helps your timing, confidence, etc.

It is funny because it is at our old church, so we will be probably attending sometimes as we seek where God would have us worship. We don't know if He will place us back there or not at this point.

So, they have begun practicing and are enjoying it. I am so glad as I was afraid that Sarah would not want to do it. She is shy about playing around others, but she jumped in there. That's my girl!!!

Here are some pictures from practice.

Sarah in the ZONE!

Sarah and Hayden

Hayden is second from right.

Sarah and Hayden

Sarah, Hayden and Rob. Rob works for us part-time.

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