Sunday, January 17, 2010

Homeschooling Technique and Tip

Hayden has always been more of a challenge to teach than the girls. He is busy and prefers to stay busy. I remember putting numbers on the floor, calling out a problem and having him jump, roll or some combination of both to the answer.

Friday he was getting tired of sitting and we still needed to do spelling. We have two plastic bats sitting in a large pot by our door. (don't ask) He had pulled one out to hold, so I pulled one out and swung at him telling him to pay attention. (whatever works)

He decided to start a 'sword' fight. Ok, fine, I can do this. So I started calling out spelling words and he started spelling them while we banged bats and took jabs at each other. Multi-tasking is so much fun!

Tip: While swinging a plastic bat, don't look away to read another spelling word and smack your son up side the head. ughhhh...(he should have blocked it)