Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Craziness In The Kitchen

Today Hannah was making a trial run at this cake that she plans to take to some friends of ours over the holidays. OH MY!

First, she made the batter, no problem. She put the pans in the oven, set the timer and walked away. The timer went off, she opened the oven and it was cold! Someone had turned off the oven; I truly do not know who or how this happened. (that is my story and I am sticking with it) She was trying to work quickly to catch the little sun we have had to take pictures. See, this cake was also going to be a guest post on someone's blog.

She turns the oven on and lets it preheat and gets the cakes in the oven AGAIN. All good. They come out perfect.

She made the ganache for the filling last night and had it in the frig. That goes in the middle and it is time to make the icing...

OH my. It is a 7 minute icing if you have a hand mixer. We don't! So she has to hand mix it over boiling water. She enlists myself and her brother to take turns. It is now called the "15 minute icing' at our house.

Next I am asked to help with the icing of the cake except that the recipe didn't make enough to cover the whole cake. We are professionals here. No problem, we will ice half and she can shoot that side.

Well, that is all well and good except it becomes painfully obvious that she did not temper the chocolate correctly and the ganache is 'melting'. OH GOOD GRIEF!!!! On top of that this '15 minute' icing is getting marshmellowy and will not spread.

We decide to take the icing off and make a different icing. I tell Hannah to get busy with a new icing recipe and I will get the icing from hades off while trying to keep the ganache in!!! I finish and the cake looks like it has been attacked by a rabid baker with ganache oozing out like its life blood leaving it's battered body. (ok, a little dramatic, but you had to be there)

I throw the cake in the frig to try to save the filling. I open the door a couple of times just to taunt Hannah. Mean Mom!! She about falls over. Still no pictures of this lovely cake and the post is due to go to the blogger today.

After Hannah got the new batch of icing whipped up, she decides to take some of ganache from the middle. Can you say crazy??!! She grabs the top layer and the filling is running between her fingers. She is yelling at the dog to stop licking the floor and trying to keep the layer from breaking. Chaos!! But, she manages to pull it off.

The new icing was much better and we got it on the cake! She ran down stairs and got pictures and wrote her post. You can see it on her blog after Friday; it has to make is debut as a guest post first.

Here is another picture of the lovely, exhausting, bless our hearts cake!

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