Saturday, December 12, 2009


The Dockers 'Man-ifesto,' part of the new ad campaign for its khakis brand, implores men to 'wear the pants' once again.

Look at this new ad by Dockers. WOW!!! I am impressed and we need to let them know that we approve!!! Call them today and let them know that you like this ad.

Dockers' Vice President of Global Marketing comments on the new marketing strategy in this interview with Brandweek.

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marmee said...

sitting fireside and getting a chance to read a few blogs...there has absolutely been no blogging time for me.

love the dockers add will show it to my dh.
ml had it right...we have neglected to teach the one thing we should in school...God's principles.
the cake story is over the top...i can just see all of you running around in the kitchen trying to make it happen.
happy december.