Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When Funny Isn't So Funny Anymore

The boys had scouts tonight, so the me and girls went out for dinner. Our usual Tuesday evening. UNTIL....

We were on our way home on the back roads and I noticed that the lights were dim in the interior. This has happened before, you put it in neutral, cut the engine, then start it back up. Oops, it didn't start back up. Ok, no problem, let it sit a minute, then try again. NOTHING. Hannah says "is it the transmission", Sarah says, "No, it's the iggnition". (say in a southern accent and drag out both words, hilarious)

Great, call the hubby.

Honey, guess what?? (already not amused, remember he is at scouts) The car won't run. Where am I?? On the side of the road. (still not amused) On one of the back roads on the way home. (I explain where)

The girls and I sit and talk and laugh.

He comes with one set of jumper cables, not good. I drive a big diesel and it takes TWO large sets of jumper cables to get this hoss up and running.

He tries, the sweetheart. Doesn't work though. Calls our pastor and goes and gets a second set. IT STARTS!!! Hooping all around....





For about 2 minutes. I start up the road, notice things getting dim again. (no I am not passing out, that comes later) Car stops. Great. So he says he is going to push me to a flat spot on the side of the road. (remember we live in the mtns) Flat spot?? I think I see one, start to steer to the right with NO power steering. OH NO, it is a ditch. I stop.

Next thought, he is going to pull me. Ok, this is where it goes downhill fast. I have never been pulled before. I have no power steering or power brakes. I AM A GIRL!

I am not laughing NOW. We are in the dark, on curvy roads with hills. I don't know when to brake, I feel like I am going to run into the back of his truck (did actually) and I am SCREAMING!!! Hannah calls her father and says, "momma is freaking out, you gotta pull over". (my sweetie is loosing patience, classic male/female difference) He knows what he is doing, I on the other hand DO NOT.

He tells Hannah we will go to his fathers which is closer than our house, but he misses the turn because of my screaming. (now, I question this excuse, I am in the other car, Hannah has the phone) Anyway, so we have to go farther. UGH! Not laughing...

We have to pull out onto a main road. Now, granted, a main road here doesn't mean much at 8pm. Traffic is not a problem, but mentally for me it is MAIN road. I am not breathing at this point. He pulls out, I freak, I am trying to turn the wheel and I am, you guessed it, SCREAMING.

We only have another 200 ft to go to get to a parking area, but it could have been 200 miles for me. But, we make it or I make it without dying or passing out.

NOW, tomorrow off on our mother/daughter retreat!!! Relax and breathe....

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Morgan said...

Thank you for sharing, that was so funny!! Though probably not as it was happening:)