Sunday, October 4, 2009

mums the word.

Today is our 23rd wedding anniversary!!! 23 wonderful, trying, blissful, hard, sweet years!

It seems like yesterday and it seems like 100 yrs ago. Does that make sense?

We dated 5 yrs so we have known each other 28 yrs; almost 30 yrs. This year a have been married 23 years and I married at 23 yrs. old.

In 23 years we have had 3 children, lost 3 parents, lived in 3 places, gone to 3 countries. (don't know what is going on with the 3's) We have experienced abundance and less than abundance, but God has provided all our needs.

Happy Anniversary to Us!!!!

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marmee said...

happy anniversary...i know what you mean seems like yesterday and it seems like 100 years.
congratulations...on this major achievement...23 years is a lifetime of all things...good and bad.
this yr was 23 years for my dh and me, too.
so happy for you and hubby.