Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blessed Sunday

tea & honey

We had a blessed morning at church. Our pastor taught from John 3:4-10 where Jesus speaks to Nicodemus.

Jesus does not entertain Nicodemus' flattery; he goes straight to the point. You must be born again. Nicodemus does not understand who is standing before him and thinks only in the physical realm wondering how can a man be born from his mother's womb twice.

It is God alone who initiates and produces this birth from above. Jesus tells Nicodemus this in v. 8 by using the wind as the analogy for the Holy Spirit. He doesn't understand.

We see this problem in too many churches today. Pastors are not preaching the doctrine of the Bible, therefore the congregation sits in ignorance. They get ear candy.

We praise God that our pastor speaks the truth!

photography by Hannah Queen

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