Thursday, May 21, 2009

3/30 days of gratitude.

We have been busy this week getting ready for the Farmers Market that starts on Saturday. It seemed as if it would never arrive, and now here it is on top of us! Time to "panic and freak out"!! (I know none of you reading this EVER do this)

Today we have made dressing, printed labels, loaded the car, pulled the table stuff together so we can bake tomorrow.

Hannah is looking forward to starting her job Saturday. I think she will thrive in this atmosphere and learn a lot. She will deal with all kinds of people, situations, and responsibilities.

So, here we go....

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Dana said...

Good Luck. Sounds exciting. I traveled for work this week and everyone in my office is talking about the opening of the local Farmers Market there in Northern California. I just know someone is looking forward to seeing you guys Saturday!!!