Monday, May 25, 2009

Small Town Charm

We are fortunate to live where there is still a drive-in theater. In the summer it is one of our favorite activities and another reason we love living in this small town.

As locals we know that you have to arrive about 2 hrs. early to get on the front row. Why? Because the field in front of the screen is where the action is for the 2 hrs. prior to the movie. Kids bring frisbees, balls, etc. and just enjoy themselves. Everyone sets up chairs, some bring tables (we have done this) and eat dinner.

Now last night, well, we had additional entertainment! There was a gentleman that set up karaoke and oh my. It was fun and at times hilarious as there was an endless line of people that wanted to sing. We said we got our money's worth before the movie ever began!!

To me, this is small town at its best. It is simple, uncomplicated and reminds us of a more innocent time; but maybe we are more innocent here. Things are less hectic, people know each other. At times I feel cocooned here in our little town, much like the children that play safely in front of all the adults before the movie. Yes, life can be slow and sweet.







PS- we saw Night at the Museum and it was great. Comedy w/ historical references; heaven!


Anonymous said...

Pretty words, cool pictures and nice thoughts, but not a peep about what movie you saw and if you liked it!

Dana said...

Beautiful post - pics and all. I remember loving to go to the drive-in with my brother and my parents. What fond memories I have of those cool summer evenings. I do miss slow, small-town livin' My husband is from an even smaller town/farming community and being here in ATL with more traffic than some places see in a year as well as the rest of the daily hustle and bustle, we find ourselves missing that innocence and familiarity (along with all the other wonders you mention in this post). Continue to enjoy it!!!