Saturday, May 23, 2009

First Day of the Farmers Market

Today was opening day of our Farmers Market. The rain held off and we had a good day. Not a lot of people yet, but still a good day. Things will pick up when the vegetables come in.

The market is a wonderful place full of colorful characters. We have a lady that sells gourds she has painted and she is so sweet and feisty. We were next to her today and enjoyed her company.

Sarah and Hayden helped in our booth today and did a great job. They are learning a lot and getting to meet all kinds of people.

Hannah loves her job and is thriving in it. She meets and greets the vendors, answers questions, discusses rule compliance, etc. We are proud of her.

Here are some pictures from today.





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Dana said...

Happy Opening Day!!!

Honey Balsamic Dressing. Ummm. Sounds delicious.

I love how you guys have made this a total family affair, everyone does their part to make it all come together. You guys are building such wonderful memories and I am so glad you share them with the blog-o-sphere.