Saturday, November 8, 2008

There Are Days

Last night I was sitting at our kitchen table trying to watch something on the computer. Hannah was messing with our camera and bothering me. was complaining and complaining how the view finder was blurry. I would stop what I was watching and look through it myself. I kept telling her that I could not find anything wrong. She continued to say something was wrong and even had me Goggle a question about the view finder. This goes on a good 20 minutes.

After a time, she got up and walked outside. It is dark and cold out there and I am thinking "has she lost her mind". She can get irritated with me, but not usually to the point of doing something irrational.

She goes to her car and comes back in with these.



Anonymous said...

You sure have a smart bunch there, don't ya?

Hannah said...

show yourself anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to say it was me, Miss Hannah-poo. ;-) Jan