Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Voting 001

On our way to vote! It is a beautiful day.

Voting 003

Still on our way; look at the mountains. I love where we live!

Voting 004

Where we vote. I am NOT even kidding. It is a little house. They actually put a new roof and siding on it this year. We have 4 people working in that house during voting season. And 4, count them, 4 poll booths!

Voting 005

Hannah before she goes in to vote. She has been so excited about exercising this right. We have taught our children what a privilege it is to vote in a democratic society; lack of civil rights and all!

Voting 006

Another reason I love living here. Here is the unruly, long line. hehe. Just one elderly woman in her wheelchair. That is Hannah in the black sweater; she beat the woman in the wheelchair to the polling booth. Just kidding, I taught her better than that...

We beat her in the front door so we could get in front of her!!!

Voting 007

Ok, she is sick of me taking pictures now! But, she has her "I Voted" sticker; two in fact, thanks to her momma!!


Darcy @ LWM3B said...

We live in the sticks so our polling place is a little like that, too. only it's still really pretty near you. Here we have nekked trees and no fall colors left.

Pretty pics.

Sharon (sk) said...

That is great! Good job momma! :)

I'm drooling over your fall pictures... we don't get that down here. *sigh*

Lisa said...
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Anonymous said...

i don't know about every one else
but I'm just so proud of her i could
cry and then laugh my pants off
ha ha ha ha your ever loving
daughter Sarah