Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Great Evening

The boys had scouts so we invited Jan to go with us the W*l-M**t and to St*rb**ks. Jan got the 'full on' Queen girls shopping experience. Sorry Jan. :(

Which included me holding a fruit. (remember Hannah has a new camera lens)


A VERY strange bathroom sign. Do NOT want to know more...


We played checkers in the St*rb**ks and I won!!! And I made funny faces. Sorry Jan. :(


So Jan made funny faces. Sorry Kevin. :(


Sarah made a real funny face. Or is this her annoyed face??


Hannah, our photographer, who by the way got a recipe and picture on Foodgawker!!!! You go girl!!


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Jennifer P. said...

I love the way you make those places look like curse words :)! And the new camera is taking GORGEOUS photos!

SOrry I haven't been around here in a few days. It's time for school to be done with already! It's getting in the way of blogging :)

My word verification says "parting". I love when they actually make words!