Saturday, May 21, 2011

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Hannah had a wonderful time at the BlogHer Food conference in Atlanta. After forging through the 6 lanes of Atlanta traffic, trying to find where to park, loosing her parking ticket and finding it, and moving rooms, she settled in and had a splendid experience.

She was so glad to finally meet the other contributors of the Kitchen Generation that she works with online and via Skype. They all got along fabulously and enjoyed getting to know each other in person.

They, the Kitchen Generation, spoke about blogging in an afternoon panel the first day and Hannah said that the attendees asked a lot of questions. It was a new experience for all of them and it went well.

There were major brands sponsoring so she received some cool swag. She came home with 3 or 4 cookbooks, vanilla beans, Pom juice, OXO tongs, a bagel knife, Sharffen Berger chocolate and more. She was able to speak to some of the people representing these brands, PR people and with publishing houses, etc.

The first evening there was a party sponsored by the Tasty Kitchen, which part of The Pioneer Woman's site. The Pioneer Woman's sister, Betsy runs the Tasty Kitchen and threw the party. Get this: BETSY KNEW WHO HANNAH WAS!! I realize that if you are not familiar with the blogging world, this doesn't mean anything and you are not impressed; but if you are in the blogging world and/or the food blogging world, this is BIG!! Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, is very popular and has several books out. She has also appeared on TV.

Ok, back to earth. Hannah and her friends went out to eat together each evening and had a wonderful time together. They also got stuck in the elevator at the Westin together! Talk about bonding!! Hannah kept another young man on the elevator calm while they waited and he hugged and thanked her when they finally got out.

I think the strangest thing for her was having people walk up to her and know who she was. She said that over and over someone would come up and say, "you're Hannah, I read your blog". Someone even asked how I was doing because Hannah had posted about my health scare back in October. How sweet! She said everyone was so nice and talked about how much they loved her photography.

We may not be able to live with her now! But, we'll manage, we are proud of her and we have a way of keeping her grounded!!

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