Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Screaming Fit

I walked through the house earlier this evening looking for something sweet to eat. There was NOTHING! NOTHING I tell you! They had eaten everything in the house that resembled sugar except the actual sugar.

I went from cupboard, to cabinet, to freezer. I screeched each time I found nothing. Did I mention NOTHING! Not a bite. Only the girls were home, the guys were at Scouts. Fortunately. My sweet husband would have put me away!!

It was terrible. I had a cravin!

banana carmel cake

peanut butter cup cookies

Or This

chocolate cupcakes

Or even This!

Hannah has been sick today, so she didn't feel like baking. Dang kid, no work ethic. :) No really, she has been puny today, which is unusual for her.

William called and asked if we needed anything. Of course, we always need milk. But, Sarah, who answered the phone, said, "Bring momma something sweet"!!!!! Bless his heart, he didn't have many choices at the gas station, so he had to bring home 'fake' sweets. UGH.

These will be thrown out; I am sorry, L***** D***** doesn't have anything on Hannah.

But, my hubby is considerate; he tried to find something. Sweetie! He's better than the L*****D***** any day!

photos courtesy of Hannah Queen

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Dana said...

Oh this all looks so delicious. I started a 21 day FAST yesterday and day one was rough. Today I'm stronger and I can actually stand to look at all the yummy ideas you had here (and not faint). Happy eating and I hope H feels up to baking really soon.