Thursday, November 1, 2012


I'm Back!!
It has been too long; I have been busy though with work, family and stuff. Yes, work! I have a part-time job now as a customer service manager at our local Roses!! It is not a bad gig at all and I like working with the public, believe it or not.

Weight loss is going great. 150 lbs now. Once I wrapped my mind around calories vs. energy expelled vs. metabolism it was simple. I eat within a certain calorie range, eat healthy, lose fairly regularly, experience plateaus without freaking out (most of the time) and feel 100% better. Two years ago I could not have done the job I do now at work because I couldn't stand for 30 minutes, much less hours at a time.

God has blessed us in so many ways. Earlier this year our refrigerator started going out and a dear friend felt led to get us a new one. So humbling for us, and a huge blessing. A few months ago our oven went out; we could use the stove top though. At first I thought, oh no, we can't do this, but we did and we felt blessed to have the stove top. We remained content with what we had. A month or so back we thought we had found a stove, but things didn't work out. (that happens for a reason) I wasn't upset by this and resolved that we would gather the money to buy one or continue to do with what we had. Then Wm's cousin contacted us and said he knew someone that had a gas oven they wanted to sell. I asked, of course, how much. He said $25.00. I thought, this has to be a mess; the last one we thought we had was older than this one and they wanted a lot more. It was perfect! Newer than the one we had and looked like it had never been used and it was $25.00!!!! It works perfect. God is good!!

William continues to have work into November and December, which is always a huge blessing. And the fact that his health is good as he enters his mid 50's is another blessing. He can work circles around guys half his age. He is an amazing husband and father; so faithful and devoted.

The kids are wonderful, as always. Wm. and I are so blessed to have 3 great kids. Hannah is working on a cookbook proposal and getting other photography jobs and selling her prints. Her persistence and patience is paying off, along with her amazing talent. Sarah is praying for direction from God for her life, but while she is, she is doing a beautiful job keeping the house running and the family fed while I work. It is sad that this is underrated in our society today; our homes are the heart of the family and so incredibly important. This is where we find refuge, safety, acceptance and love. They should be well cared for and Sarah is doing just that. Hayden is helping is dad with the business and has become invaluable to William. He continues to develop his musical talent on various string instruments and will begin his Eagle Scout project soon.

God continues to faithfully teach me much. Every experience is an opportunity for me to learn more about God's nature. More about His endless grace, my endless need, His extravagant love, my need for His love. My need for Him is greater than any other need I have.

Remember, the greatest is yet to come!!

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