Thursday, October 20, 2011

Burt's Pumpkin Farm

IMG_5420 copy-2

Today the whole family went to the pumpkin farm!! We are making the most of this fall since I kinda ruined last fall with my embolism and all.

It was freezing, but that just made it better. Note William's pose below.


Two of my favorite girls! Aren't they purdy??!!

IMG_5389 copy

There was music playing so Hayden and Sarah decided to bust some moves. Talent runs deep in this family!


Hayden had to suffer through one of Hannah's 'lets get you to sit on that cold ground over there and take off your coat, but don't look cold" photo shoots. Bless His Heart!

IMG_5488 copy

The wonderful, amazing, selfless parents.

IMG_5408 copy-2

We had a blast, enjoyed each others company and got some pretty pumpkins. Hannah actually likes the ugly pumpkins; she thinks that they need a home too. You know those 'artsy' folks.



photography by Hannah Queen

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