Tuesday, October 25, 2011

30 Years Ago

This past weekend William and I attended my 30th high school reunion. 30 years??! Wow! When did that happen?

I had worked on the planning committee, but I didn't have any specific expectations regarding the reunion. I knew it would be great to see my class as it was not a very big graduating class and we were pretty close. I had heard some updates on various people and was interested in learning more about their lives after all this time. But, I wasn't prepared for the emotions when a former teacher and our administrator spoke.

Our favorite history teacher attended and he had a major impact on most of us. His wife, now deceased, was our English teacher and we loved her also. He spoke of her and the tears began to flow. Then he spoke of his own struggles and his spiritual bucket list; more tears. He moved us all over again and gave us much to consider. A classmates wife noted that we all sat enraptured with what he said like we must have in high school. Good observation on her part. I am thankful for this teacher as he gave me the tools to succeed in college and for the love of history he imparted. I am a history buff to this day!

Then our administrator, who is 80, spoke to us. He was so moved by the reunion and spoke kindly, like a gentle grandfather. He said that he loved us, but that he didn't tell us that 30 years ago. We understood, he had a tough job that required him to be the disciplinarian; and trust me, a disciplinarian he was! I am thankful for the 'fear' I had of him; he taught me much.

Finally, it was a joy to catch up with my classmates. What a great group of people!!


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