Thursday, April 21, 2011



Love my sweet chickens

They start from a little egg

And grow to be fat

haiku contest over at chickory


chickory said...

excellent! In Haiku, indicating seasons without naming them specifically is most welcome. Master Basho 17th century haiku master would be pleased. You take us from spring to summer in the glorious life cycle of creation. ANd of course, the photograph is superlative. is that yours or the talented miss honey and jam's? either way, Well Done! Will be posted on Chickory's blog by Saturday.

ez said...

very nice! just chicken' out the the competition ... :-)
if i can manage to get one together, that is.

foam said...

oops. the above comment is from foam. another person was signed onto the computer.

chickory said...

DOnt forget to drop by tuesday to cast your vote for the peoples choice award. A professional judge will make the call for the grand prize. Good Luck!