Monday, December 27, 2010


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We had a wonderful, crazy Christmas!

It started snowing around 7:30 am before the kids got up. I was so glad; I wanted them to have a white Christmas. And it continued to snow and snow and snow.

We started dinner around 1:00, almost had everything done and the power went out. Being the resourceful people we are, :), we finished everything on the stove top (gas), lit candles and had dinner.

We bought Christmas crackers, which came the day before Christmas from over the pond. We opened them before dinner and agreed that this should be a new tradition in the Queen household. They are quite fun with little prizes inside along with a paper crown and a joke.

IMG_9474 copy

Finishing dinner on the stove.

Our crackers!

Sarah and Hayden pulling the first cracker open.

Everyone got a paper crown in their cracker.

Milk and butter on the deck staying cold!

Then some fun in the snow, all 12 inches of it!! I don't think I have ever seen this much snow. Everything is stunning.
snow day
Sarah enjoying the beautiful snow. Her hair froze!

snow boy
Hayden, being Hayden

right outside my doorIMG_9711 copy

A winter wonderland... did I mention that I love where we live.

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