Thursday, July 29, 2010


otis, in front of window.

Yesterday Otis, our sweet mutt, was bitten by a snake. William and Hannah took him to the vet and they said statistically it should have been a copperhead.

Overnight he got worse and we took him back today. Unfortunately it was a rattlesnake and he may not make it. Rattlesnake bites are the worst for dogs and he was bitten in the back leg, which doesn't work in his favor either.

The kids have been to the animal hospital to see him and we have all cried. He is comfortable and they are doing all they can to keep him stable to see if he can withstand the venom as it goes through his body.

By tomorrow we should know if he has a chance, if not we will put him to sleep instead of allowing the venom to shut down all his organs.

Otis is the best dog, we call him 'the cuteness'. He just fits with us and shows such affection. He is a joy to be around.

Hang in their buddy, we want you home again.


Deb said...

Sooo sorry to hear about Otis! Maybe he's a stronger, tougher little dog than you think and will pull through! I sure hope so!

Lisa said...

Thank you Deb.