Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Little Update

Life has been busy in the Queen household. We have been finding ways to spend less as we enter winter when our business shuts down. Since the economy trashed our investments we must adjust even more.

The girls and I have organized our freezers, frig and pantry to make use of what we have. We also have made monthly meal plans to accommodate the meat and canned goods we have on hand.

It has really been an enjoyable time of working together, remembering what is really important and trusting our Lord to make provision. And He is the only One that really can!

Hayden and Sarah continue to become more proficient on their instruments. I love hearing them play together. Each has a different approach according to their personality.

Hannah's blog Honey and Jam continues to gain popularity and has caught the eye of several professional food photographers. There may be an opportunity for her to intern with one in the near future. Just the possibility has made her short of breath! It would be an incredible opportunity and a huge blessing.

William is still working and that is a HUGE blessing. I try not to think about next year (translate 'think'=worry) We have enough for now. Isn't it funny, I can see where God has provided over and over again, but I still worry. Oh me of little faith...

I hope to work on a post soon of different dinners that are low cost but don't compromise flavor.

Have a blessed day!

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marmee said...

we are doing something very similar where we are using up what we already have on hand. God is a great provider and He will provide.