Friday, September 25, 2009

My Husband Rocks Friday

happy first day of fall!

Last week when we were on vacation we were all done with the beach thing and I mentioned going to Savannah for a day. My sweet hubby drove all day Friday, traversing the bottom half of Georgia to get me there. What a sweetie!!!

When we got home I had to ready the house for a ladies Bible study. I looked up on one of our high walls and saw that his deer head was very dusty. He got one of his ladders and cleaned the deer and the wall of dust. Then proceeded to rescreen the front door and replace the molding around it because it was looking ragged.

My Husband Rocks!!!!


Katy Lin said...

aww! what an awesome hubby you have :) have a great weekend@

marmee said...

your husband does rock. how wonderful for you that he loves you so.