Monday, September 21, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We had an awesome vacation! It was good to relax and enjoy the majesty of God's vast creation, the ocean.

Each morning I sat on the balcony with coffee just enjoying the view of the waves, the sand and the birds.

While there Hannah made us Key Lime Pie. It was wonderful and tart!!

key lime pie

the view from my current location.

Hannah took some amazing pictures during the week.

goodbye, beach.

We left Florida and decided to traverse the bottom half of Georgia and visit Savannah for a day. It is one of my favorite cities. On the way we saw many cotton fields; the kids were totally fascinated with them. We stopped so they could examine them and Hannah could take pictures.

cotton in south georgia.

While in Savannah we ate at Lady and Sons; it was very good. We walked River Street and drove around looking at the beautiful homes. We had a full day before packing up to come home!



photography by Hannah Queen


Anonymous said...

The pictures look beautiful! I am ready for one of those things(vacations) too.
Our family always enjoy Tybee Island and Savannah.

It looks as if you all had a wonderful time.
Have a great weekend.

Dishy-Girls Photography said...

I've just found your blog thorugh your daughter's. I love them both. I'm from Knoxville originally so it's so fun to hear you talk about Cade's Cove and Pigeon Forge. And we drove through Georgia this summer on our way from my parent's house in Tennessee to my in-laws in Florida and stopped at Paula's restruant. We walked along the river and bought some amazing choclate. It was a really fun trip...I'm glad you all enjoyed it as well