Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Fun!

Summer has been busy for the Queens! The farmers market has kept us baking away every Friday. Saturday mornings until noon we are at the market. Then there is scouts, guitar lessons, cleaning, cooking, chickens, vegetable plants, etc. So, we have tried to fit in fun where we can.

We went to the pool one day with the Scoggins clan. Always fun! Last weekend we headed to their grandparents house for a birthday party and they have a POOL!!! Love them!

The girls and I went to Chattanooga to shop in an actual department store. Oh my, it has been a looonng time; I was overwhelmed. But, we managed to buy Hannah a necklace, me shoes and Sarah sandals.

new necklace

Hannah's new necklace

Hannah needed subjects for testing outside evening light. She is doing a shoot for the newest Scoggins family of Matt, Emily and Dylan soon. Here is Sarah and Piper helping her out!


We made zucchini bread one day. We plan to sell it at the market and had to do a test run.

zucchini bread

Tomorrow is cleaning day!! The kids are so incredibly excited...

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