Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obama Caught “Stretching the Truth” about Socialized Medicine

President Obama and the Democrats in Congress are working hard to “fix” America’s healthcare problem. However, the president claims he is not interested in a “single payer” (the government becomes the insurer of all and forces everyone to participate) approach. Unfortunately, Obama is on record for all the world to see. This is a good old-fashioned lie. Don’t believe it? See for yourself.

Ironically, this video hasn’t been viewed as frequently as those of us who do not want the government intruding into our private medical lives and decisions would hope. Having lived in a country with socialized medicine (The U.K.), I am more than a little concerned about this issue. However, it appears the President to have gotten a pass from the press on this one. Watch this ‘dance’ with Meredith Viera:

I received more than a little criticism for calling Mr. Obama a radical Gramscian neo-Marxist. However, with a clearly Gramscian Supreme Court appointment (everything is race, class and gender), recent takeover of much of the financial sector, the automotive industry, and now the medical industry, it is hard to argue otherwise. Funny how the Ayers, Write, and ACORN connections seem like more than mere coincidences now.

So why is this an issue that interests me? Since you asked, I’ll tell you (if you didn’t don’t read on). My family and I are among the reported 46 Million Americans without healthcare insurance. However, we have chosen our status. We use Samaritan Ministries (find out about them here). As such, we do not support abortion, or myriad other lifestyle choices that traditional health insurance forces their customers to pay for (and the government would definitely require). Under the current Obama/Pelosi takeover, people like us would be forced into abandoning our principles and participating in a system that violates our conscience. This is simply unacceptable. Unfortunately, few Christians have bothered to mention this since most are already part of a system that requires such compromise.

At any rate, there is nothing good about being forced into a healthcare system run by the people who gave us the Post Office and the DMV (and led by the man who doesn’t even believe babies born during botched late-term abortions deserve legal protection)! Follow the aforementioned lies carefully. This is a long term agenda with many moving parts. The current “proposal” is just an opening salvo. As the President has said, his long-term goal is a government-run single payer (read: European, neo-Marxist, socialist style) system. As we used to say in the old neighborhood, “I’m not goin’ out like that!” At least not without a fight.

Voddie Baucham

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

There has been a lot of effort by the Gov to try to give Obamacare an image other than socialized healthcare. It's all smoke and mirrors.
What scares me the most (other than the inevitable tax increases) is the possibility that the elderly will be sacrificed to save money. (see my Friday night Blog)