Monday, June 15, 2009

What A Day

Today the kids and I helped William on a job site, along with our wonderful Matt! He is a great employee. We have an existing client that has had her house on this horrible market for 2 years and needed help updating and staging her home.

We got busy cleaning, changing out ceiling fans and light fixtures, etc., then to the outside. There were 3 large cedars that were obstructing the view of the house and deck; they had to go. Then she had tiered beds that had been overtaken by cypress bushes. ugh. They had to go. Of course this meant replanting.

So, off to the H**e D***t (not my favorite, but close) to find new plantings. We picked Hostas, which are one of my favorites for their hardiness and Periwinkles for low ground cover. And mulch, lots of mulch.

Tomorrow I hope that we can finish replanting and start cleaning all the mess we made in the driveway. A BIG mess. But, one must have mess before order.

Here are some pictures:


This is where the cedars were. They completely covered the porch. Sarah, what are doing child. Stand up! You can't get anything done bent over. She is probably looking for snails; there are tons around this place.


I wish we could have filled the bed in more, but there are money constraints. They will fill out.


These had to go in the tiered beds. They were huge and making the area look smaller.


And William compiled! Good husband.


Matt working hard. I think he'd rather not have me on the job site! :) I did feed him!


Hayden not working!! He was playing Ghost Busters, the nut. He did work hard... kinda.

The Lord blessed us with a wonderful day. Blessed be the name of the Lord!!!

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Jennifer P. said...

The world is so lucky to have helping hands like yours!