Thursday, May 29, 2008

Making Tough Changes

Gas is 4.00 a gallon for unleaded and almost 5.00 a gallon for diesel; we have both kinds of vehicles. Last year our business took a nosedive and we had no jobs for 5 months. We lived off our savings and we are fortunate we do not have a mortgage. Now we have a child going off to college. All this has necessitated big changes in the Queen household. We do not eat out like we use to, we do not buy something 'just because, and we aren't planning any vacations. We are changing how we shop for groceries, what we do for entertainment, and how much we drive. But it's all good. It has challenged us to work together as a family and trust our heavenly Father. I choose to view this as a positive for us.

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MonaLeeza03 said...

That is awesome, I want that picture for the directory!
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