Thursday, July 28, 2011

Road Trip!!

As a home school mom I have always called them 'field trips'. So this is actually an road trip/field trip. And it is just us girls!! Can I get a woot woot?!

I can't say much about it yet; sworn to secrecy you know. Hannah has been invited by a company, all expenses paid, to a day at their store. BIG TIME, I know. Lunch, spa, networking, afternoon something or another and dinner.

Sarah and I are tagging along to see this historic city and it doesn't hurt that 'they' are putting Hannah up in a fancy smancy hotel in this undisclosed city!

HINT below:

If you guess where, I am give you a prize...or not; but you'll think you are SO smart!

I am so excited because one of my favorite historical people spent a lot of time here. Also, something pretty important took place here.
Do you know yet???

Anyway, there are several places I want to see and there is a huge market there that is suppose to be amazing. Adam Richmond, from Man Vs Food did a show featuring this market and ate a yummy looking sandwich. We are trying this sandwich! Along with another sandwich made famous by this mystery city.

So in a few days, with one big suitcase, in one small car, with GPS firmly stuck to the windshield, we will depart for this girls only road trip/field trip. Also reminding ourselves that if you leave said GPS on the windshield when you get out of the car (anywhere else besides our little town), you must be telling others that 'you want them to have your GPS'. Must remember this...

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