Saturday, February 12, 2011

Goings On

I didn't realize that I had not blogged since first of the month. Fortunately this winter is flying by and I am not a bit disappointed. I am tired of the cold weather especially since I take Coumadin now. I am constantly cold.

The girls and I are gearing up for the farmers market. We are working on new bread selections and expanding to add all cotton washcloths and kitchen towels. A few other items are in the 'thinking about it' stage. We look forward to meeting new people, but honestly not the getting up a 5:30AM on Saturdays. Oh well...

Other news: Hayden is now a Life Scout, not sure if I have announced that. So, now we work towards Eagle!! I can't believe how much he has accomplished in 3 years and he has done the work, most of it at summer camp each year. He is still playing his guitars and has started playing at church.

Hannah has been featured in Artful Blogger magazine and continues to add to her resume in various ways. She has started a blog with 3 other young food bloggers called The Kitchen Generation. Check it out!

Sarah is enjoying the new youth group she and Hayden are in and has taken my crocheting, which I think she likes better than knitting. She is helping me crochet our new washcloths for the market. She continues to be the voice of reason in our crazy family!

William is busy, too busy sometimes, with scouts. I now refer to myself as a scout widow.(sympathy, anyone?, hello??) Not only is involved in Hayden's troop, but is the commissioner for another troop, activities director for the area and is working the next Wood Badge training weekends. I am sure there is something else I just don't know about yet!!

I continue to feel great and thankful that I am here with my family. God continues to give me insight from my experience last October and I am grateful for that. To truly have experienced that 'peace that passes all understanding' is awesome.

Here are some pictures Hannah has taken recently.

brown eyes
Sarah's Junior Picture

Coconut bread - recent post of Hannah's

red lips
Self portrait of the artist

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Gorgeous, gorgeous photos.