Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Wednesday

We are still on a major budget, but yesterday the girls and I just had to get out. Though our normal route to Chattanooga is blocked by a rock slide*, we forged another route and visited our favorite place!

[55/365] quiet street

We didn't do much, but it was good to go. Hannah has been looking for whole milk yogurt, I know, exciting right?! She can't find it in our little town, so we went to GreenLife and found it!!! I love GreenLife.

Then the girls begged to go to Panera, their favorite place. So, we did. Love their French Onion Soup!

It was a good, though short visit.

*More on the rock slide. This happened in Nov. and another small one in Jan. The first one was a very large slide that took off the side of a mtn. One rock was the size of a tractor trailer. SCARY. They are still working to clear everything, shore up the mtn., etc. This is along our normal route and each time we drive it I think about rocks falling. Not small rocks... large, car damaging rocks.

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marmee said...

it's nice to get out once in while and just enjoy being with the ones we love. i am a homebody so i go for long periods of being home.
haven't had much blogging time lately so i am catching up sorta.
happy february.